Dr. Fred Wobus

Telephone: +971-50-3938490

Email: fredwobus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Experienced computer scientist, data wrangler, programmer and sysadmin working with HPC systems on large data sets in meteorology and oceanography

Currently developing Python-based data analysis products to assist marine asset planning ranging from short-term forecasts to long-term climate impact planning

Supporting HPC for numerical modelling and large-scale data analysis

Developing and maintaining operational weather and ocean forecasting systems using WRF, NEMO/NEMOVAR, WaveWatch3 and CROCO/ROMS model codes

Building user interfaces and end-user visualisation solutions, focussing on environmental impact reports

Extensive background in software development and system administration on Linux (and previously Windows)

Teaching experience spanning higher education, on-the-job training and even scuba-diving instruction

Research interests

Geospatial data analysis • Climate projections using environmental data • Operational ocean & weather forecasting • Numerical modelling • Physical oceanography • Mesoscale ocean circulation in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf • Shelf-deep sea exchanges in the Black Sea • Dense water cascading (downslope gravity currents of dense shelf water) in the Arctic Ocean, the Black Sea and the Arabian Gulf

CV & Publication list


Refereed Journals:

PhD thesis, 2013

Thesis title: The dynamics of dense water cascades: from laboratory scales to the Arctic Ocean (download PDF, 37MB)

Supervisors: Georgy I. Shapiro, John M. Huthnance, Miguel Angel Morales Maqueda

Conference presentations

Seminars & invited talks: